• Pradeep Seervi
    (AIR 1 GATE 2015 EE)

    Kreatryx's Krash 2015 Program helped me a lot. Major credit of my success goes to Kreatryx. Kreatryx provides a very good platform for GATE Preparation. K-Notes & Kuestions are very useful. Ankit Goyal's Blog constantly inspires students during their preparation. I would like to thank Kreatryx for providing such an AWESOME Study Material.

  • Rajat Chaudhary
    (AIR 7 GATE 2016 EE)

    Kreatryx's Koncept Postal Material helped me a lot. Good quality questions were included in the question booklets which helped greatly in clearing small doubts. Ankit Sir's blog is definitely a source of motivation for me and many others. The blog contains some very good posts which one should definitely read. Online Facebook Group named GATE Aspirants is also quite beneficial. Overall Kreatryx has a lot to offer and I was quite benefitted with it.

  • Sudarshan Yadav
    (AIR 8 GATE 2016 EE)

    Kreatryx played a pivotal role in my success. I joined K-Test program of Kreatryx in January and attempted all the full syllabus tests. The level of questions was similar to Gate Exam and it helped me pin-point my weaknesses . Questions in K-test were short, sweet, thoroughly researched and tested the real substance needed for the exam. Solutions to the questions in K- Tests were crisp and I learnt many shortcuts attempting them. The blog by Ankit Goyal sir proved to be a panacea and I was able to channelize my whole energy into right direction. I thank Kreatryx and Ankit Goyal Sir for my success.

  • Ashok Reddy
    (AIR 14 GATE 2015 EE)

    K-Notes and Kuestion fetched me some extra marks as the practice questions were very helpful. I followed Ankit Sir's Blog and watched the videos too. It took my preparation to a whole new level. Kreatryx also helped me in clearing out my technical doubts.

  • Manzar Hassan
    (AIR 26 GATE 2016 EE)

    I had used Kreatryx K-Notes (part of Krash) which was awesome. The theory explained by Kreatryx is awesome and all kind of questions given for practice are also very good quality questions. I had attempted all the questions of Kreatryx and when I was giving my GATE Exam, I was laughing because I had already seen the same kind of question in Krash. I want to thank Kreatryx!

  • Chandrajeet Singh
    (AIR 37 GATE 2016 EE)

    I purchased Kreatryx K-Test and I can happily say that it was really helpful. It contained all variety of questions with detailed and good solutions. I do recommend it to everyone.

  • Bijan Sarangi
    (AIR 46 GATE 2015 EE)

    Krash 2015 helped me in the sense of selective preparation. Questions provided were very selective and important from GATE point of view. Kreatryx is very helpful and the Blog posts by Mr. Ankit Goyal can make you feel confident by citing appropriate and easy-to-follow preparation strategies.

  • Rajarshi Bhattacharya
    (AIR 55 GATE 2015 EE)

    The Krash course was instrumental to my success to a high extent. It set the tone of my preparation in the right path, and prevented me from being complacent. Simply said, without Krash, I wouldn't have gone past 55 marks. The strategy and planning provided by Krash 2015 was unparalleled. Ankit Sir's Blog was rich in information, statistics and strategies and his motivational articles really helped me when the going got tough.

  • Nitin Tiwari
    (AIR 63 GATE 2016 EE)

    Kreatyx played a critical role in my GATE preparation. K-notes helped me focus on the concepts I needed to understand in a concise way. It saved me a lot of effort of looking up concepts in detail as the understanding I got from their material was more than required. I thank them for being a constant source of support for me and for the commendable job they are doing in inspiring lives of several engineers all over the country.

  • Mohit Sharma
    (AIR 65 GATE 2015 EE)

    Although Kreatryx is in its initial years but it has set a landmark in its first year itself. K-Notes were mind blowing and if somebody wants to revise quickly before exam, these are the ones to study.

  • Deepak Sharma
    (AIR 68 GATE 2016 EE)

    Being a working professional, actually I started preparing in the month of November with the Kreatryx short notes Krash. The material is very very good for revising the entire electrical engineering in just few days. In the last months everyone wants to cover their course in minimum time and with full details. Krash helped me a lot. Also, Online calculator did not have affect me much asIi had practiced a lot on Kreatryx K-Test (Online Test Series). Finally, Thanks a lot to Mr. Ankit Goyal 's Bolg and Kreatryx Study Material. Helped me a lot! The only Success mantra for any exam is just a lot of Practice along with good study material.

  • Vaibhav Bhosale
    (AIR 71 GATE 2016 EE)

    I used Kuestions (part of Krash) and solved all of them for every subject and it helped me cover all the different type of problems that are possible in a topic. I used K-Notes (part of Krash) in my last month revision along with my own short notes to ensure I revise all the concepts that are not covered in my short notes. Both Kuestions and K-Notes were very helpful in my preparation.

  • Piyush Anand
    (AIR 71 GATE 2016 EE)

    Kreatryx is a new player in the GATE industry but it is the best as its quick and competitive study material and online K-test helped me gain an upper hand this year in GATE-2016 and also helped me quickly revise all the formulae in the final week before exam. K-notes (Krash) became my constant source for revision and its practice Kuestions were just fit for GATE trend as i found many questions in GATE exam almost of the similar pattern I solved from Kreatryx Kuestion (part of Krash). Thank you Kreatryx & ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deepak Padhy
    (AIR 97 GATE 2016 EE)

    I purchased K-Test Online Test Series. K-Test was really good and the questions were similar to actual GATE Exam questions - tricky, conceptual and with less calculation. K-Test contained many conceptual questions and many methods were also provided as to how to solve those questions which was really helpful in my preparation.

  • Anmol Kumar
    (AIR 131 GATE 2015 EE)

    Krash 2015 helped me a lot as it pretty concise and helpful in revision. In fact it was the highlight of all my studies as it was GATE Focused. The best thing about K-Tests was a detailed solution to every question which helped me to rectify any blunders. They became indispensable part of my preparation in last moments.

  • Rahul Pandey
    (AIR 132 GATE 2016 EE)

    Initially I was lagging in terms of accuracy and confidence. Krash Course and K-Test by Kreatryx fulfilled all that I needed before the GATE 2016 exam.The questions given in the Krash Course booklets were really very selective and covered almost all important areas in each subject. As I am in my final year of M.Tech. at NITK so is was difficult for me to be involved in both the things - GATE preparation and M.Tech. But with the help of Kreatryx I carried out my preparation and revision in a smart way rather than in a conventional way. I thank you Kreatryx for good variety of GATE Courses designed according to the need of students. Hats off to Kreatryx Team!!

  • Rubal Singla
    (AIR 148 GATE 2015 EE)

    I used Ankit Sir's advice of trying to complete the GATE 2015 paper. Ankit Sir was always a motivation factor as when an AIR-1 says that you are going the right way, it itself makes a deep impact and boosts confidence. The material such as K-Notes proved to be really helpful and time saving as otherwise preparing own short notes would have consumed so much of my precious time.

  • Bhupendra Kumar
    (AIR 165 GATE 2015 EE)

    K-Notes covered all important topics and formulae which is the best tool for last time preparation. Also, Kuestion covered all maximum types of questions from a particular topic and provided additional beautiful questions too. The K-Tests contained fantastic and genuine questions which can definitely gorge one's performance. Endeavors and offerings provided by Kreatryx proved to be a bliss to the GATE 2015 Aspirants and I'm no exception to this.

  • Hemant Sharma
    (AIR 277 GATE 2015 EE)

    Kreatryx Material is best for GATE Preparation. Especially K-Notes helped me revise entire Electrical Engineering in 5-6 hours. Kuestion and K-Tests also helped me solve some tricky and variety of questions. Ankit Sir's Blog also helped me understand important Topics in a particular subject.

  • Shilp Dhande
    (AIR 290 GATE 2015 EE)

    Krash 2015 is really amazing. Kuestions, which if solved along with previous year GATE Questions, can take your preparation to a whole new level and K-Tests were very much similar to the actual GATE Exam. Ankit Sir's Blog showed me the right direction in my preparation. This Blog is something I strongly recommend to all GATE Aspirants.