Kreatryx GATE Rank Predictor - 2019

With Kreatryx's GATE Rank Predictor Tool, get an insight of your performance in GATE 2019 and estimate your results much ahead of the actual results. The tool takes less than a second and is absolutely free.


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Get a proper insight of your performance in GATE 2019 before and after normalizing your marks.


GATE Rank Prediction

Get an estimate of your expected rank based on our one of a kind GATE Rank prediction algorithm and be prepared for your PSU/M.Tech Goals much ahead of the actual GATE results.

No Pen and Paper

Now leave aside the manual pen and paper task of calculating your marks by matching it to the answer keys of coaching centres. Our GATE Rank Predictor takes care of matching your response against our answer keys and calculating all the stats in less than a second.


All your GATE 2019 stats(such as estimated rank, marks, etc) will be calculated before normalizing & after normalizing your GATE marks among aspirants present in our data so that the stats are as close as possible to actual GATE.

Graphical Representation

Your performance will be evaluated carefully and after a complete evaluation, your performance will be presented to you in the form of multiple easy to grasp graphs.

GATE Answer Keys & Solutions

Get the answer keys and detailed solutions from our team against which your marks will be calculated.

Set-wise and Overall Evaluation

Get to have Set-wise as well as Overall Performance analysis. Your performance will be evaluated on the basis of the set of question paper you get.

And did we mention that this tool is absolutely FREE?



For how many branches will this be available?

4 branches - EE, ECE, ME, CE

How are my marks calculated without actual GATE answer Keys?

Our team solves each question and generates an answer key for all the sets. Your responses are matched against this answer key to calculate your marks.

What if there is a discrepancy in your answer key?

We will publish the answer key with the Rank Predictor. You can check the answers and report to us on if you find any discrepancy in any question.

Will I see the exact rank that I am expected to get in GATE 2019?

We do not show you a single rank estimate. We will be providing you a range(for ex. 45-85) of the rank you can expect.

Will my actual GATE rank be same as the one predicted by your software?

Although we have tried our best to forecast as close rank estimate as possible, there can be differences between the predicted rank and the actual rank that you may get. The estimate will be shown only after we obtain data for at least 1000 users in each set. Also, the estimated rank will change with more users coming in and will keep getting more accurate as we obtain more data.

Is the normalization process same as GATE?

Yes. The formula used for normalization is same as that used by GATE. The only difference is that GATE uses Top 0.1% candidates in the formula while we use Top 1% candidates since the dataset of candidates in our case will be smaller than that of actual GATE.