• For how many branches is this course available?

    Kapsule (Giga, Tera and Zetta Plans) is available for EE/EEE and ECE branches. Kapsule (Giga Plan) is available for EE/EEE, ECE, ME, CS, CE and CH.

  • Will I get a Free Plan before purchasing?

    Yes. You will get access to Deca (Free Plan). You can check the contents of Deca Plan in the Buy Page. Once you are satisfied with the quality, you can choose among the 3 Paid Plans that we offer. There is no validity for the Deca Plan.

  • Will I need internet connection to access this course?

    Yes. You will need an internet connection to access the videos of Kapsule. It is recommended that you have a connection of 2 Mb/s or more.

  • What is Kapsule?

    Kapsule is a comprehensive course for your GATE and PSU Prep which encapsulates Video Lectures, Study Material, Revision Package, Online Test Series along with access to exclusive Doubt Solving platform and Doubt Solving Webinars. For more information, check out the Kapsule GATE Course Page.

  • Who has delivered the lectures?

    All the lectures have been delivered by GATE/ESE Toppers and/or experienced faculties.

  • What different plans are being offered?

    Check out the Buy page to view all the 4 plans being offered. Plans may vary as per your Engineering branch.

  • When will the Course be launched?

    Kapsule is a 1 and 2 year Subscription based plan. You can purchase it anytime of the year. The validity may vary based on the plan.

  • Will I be able to access it offline?

    No. Internet connection is mandatory for accessing this course.

  • Are the lectures live?

    No. The recorded video lectures will be streamed online. You can check out the sample video on our YouTube Channel or simply sign up for the Deca Plan (Free).

  • How many videos will I get?

    There are a total of 520+ Videos in total on an average for each branch. You can check out the details on the Buy Page.

  • Can the payment be made in installments?

    No. The payment has to be made in one shot.

  • Will I be able to access all the Subjects of any Plan at the launch itself?

    You'll have access to all subjects at the beginning itself. However we may update a few topics on need basis.


  • Where is this Course being run?

    The classroom address is Kreatryx, Lane No. 3, Kuldeep House, 2nd Floor, Khasra No. 258, Westend Marg, Saidulajab, New Delhi 110030

  • Are there any other branches of Kreatryx in India?

    No. Currently we only have a single branch in New Delhi, India.

  • Which streams is this Course available for?

    Klassroom is available for EEE and ECE streams. Please check out the details about it in the GATE Courses section.

  • When will the new batches start?

    Next batch will starts from 15th June. Registrations are open. Kindly check out the Klassroom Course Page for more details.

  • Are the batches regular or weekend?

    Regular batch. Classes will be taken from 9 AM to 1:30 PM almost everyday.

  • For how many hours will the classes be conducted?

    4-5 hours on daily basis.

  • Is Online Test Series (K-Test) included?

    Yes. Online Test Series (K-Test) is included in this Course.

  • If I move to New Delhi, are there any PG facilities available?

    We do not provide any hostel facilities. But you will find many PG Rooms and Boys/Girls Hostels nearby our Classroom in Saidulajab, New Delhi. We recommend you to search for the rooms online and talk to the landlord/broker before you reach the city. You can also chat with our customer service representative and we will mail you a few contacts of the PG Rooms available nearby.

  • If I miss any subject, will that be taught again?

    No. The subjects that have been conducted from March to June will only be repeated.

  • By when will the entire syllabus be covered?

    Tentatively by December end.


  • What is Koncept?

    Koncept is a postal study material course consisting of detailed theory booklets and fully solved question bank.

  • Is this facility available for students all across India?


  • For how many branches is this course available?

    Koncept is available for EE/EEE and ECE branches.

  • How many booklets are included in this Course?

    Around 20 booklets.

  • Is the Question Bank Fully Solved?


  • Will all the booklets be mailed at once?

    No. The booklets will be dispatched in 2 installments. The first installment shall be dispatched around May end and we'll try our best to ship the next installment around July.

  • Can I buy a selected subject instead of entire package?

    No. You will have to purchase the entire Course.

  • Is this study material for ESE Preparation also?

    As per ESE 2018 syllabus, there are only a few topics in addition to GATE Syllabus. Koncept can be recommended for ESE as well when it comes to technical subjects. We do not provide non-technical subjects.

  • When will the latest Course be launched?

    Tentatively by May end.

  • How many days will it take to reach my address?

    It depends on your location since we ship the material from New Delhi. For the addresses in the serviceable regions, the package might take roughly 7-10 working days to reach and for non-serviceable regions (remote locations), it might take roughly 10-12 days to reach.


  • What is Krash?

    Krash is a postal study material course designed specifically for revision in the last 3-4 months before GATE Exam.

  • For how many branches is this course available?

    Krash will be available for EE/EEE, ECE, ME and CE.

  • When will the Course be launched?

    Krash (EE/ECE/ME) will be launced around August. This year we're introducing Krash Video plan only for EE branch which shall also be available from September.

  • What will Krash consist of?

    Krash is a combination of 40-50 pages short notes and 80-100 selected fully solved questions for each subject.


  • What is K-Test?

    K-Test is an Online Test Series based on latest GATE pattern targeted for GATE and PSU Exams.

  • For how many branches is this course available?

    K-Test 2018 will be available for EE/EEE, ECE, ME and CE branches.

  • When will the Course be launched?

    K-Test for GATE 2018 will be launched around August.