Doubt Solving Platforms

We have 2 plans for Doubt Solving.

1. Free - A Closed Facebook Group named GATE Aspirants which was launched in April 2014 with the sole purpose to encourage discussions about GATE and doubt solving. Today we have reached a figure of 68,000+ members! Join the most active doubt solving group now!

Doubt Solving Group for EEE and ECE Aspirants - GATE Aspirants

Doubt Solving Group for ME, CE and CSE Aspirants - GATE Aspirants (ME/CE/CSE)

2. Premium - A secret Facebook Group for our Kapsule Zetta Users and monthly Doubt Solving Sessions by GATE Toppers.

3. The following GATE experts from Kreatryx will be available in these groups to solve your doubts:

Ashik Anuwar (GATE 2016 ECE AIR 103)
Muthuraj Pillai (GATE 2016 ECE AIR 6)
Nitin Tiwari (GATE 2016 EEE AIR 63)
Deepak Padhy (GATE 2016 EEE AIR 97)
Sambit Dalei (GATE 2016 EEE AIR 32)
Gaurav Parashar (GATE 2016 EEE AIR 17)