About Kreatryx

A Professional GATE Preparation Center

We are an e-learning company started in July 2014 with an aim to provide quality GATE Training programs accessible to all GATE Aspirants of India. Kreatryx was started by two Pioneer Batch students of IIT Indore, Ankit Goyal (Gold Medalist) and Rohit Nitin Joshi. Ankit happens to be a two-time Topper of GATE Exam in the years 2014 (AIR 1) and 2013 (AIR 8).

Discussions between Ankit and Rohit began soon after Ankit topped GATE 2014 (EE). Rohit was working at an e-learning start-up Plancess, Mumbai and Ankit was working at Qualcomm, Bangalore then. A couple of face-to-face meetings and many phone calls later we decided to go for it. We shifted to Ghaziabad in July and started the Klassroom 2015 Program. A few days later Rahul Kushwah, one of our batch mates, joined Kreatryx and has been an integral part of Kreatryx since then. Krash 2015 (An online Crash Course) Program was actually a well-thought out experiment which gained a lot of popularity in a matter of days after its launch in November end 2014. The reason behind its popularity was because of the quality and relevance of the content focused towards GATE Exam (at least that’s what we like to believe!).

After the huge success of Krash 2015, with 30+ Ranks in the Top 1000 and 9 Ranks in the Top 100 (including AIR 1) in GATE 2015 EE Exam, we plan to launch some new & useful Courses for GATE 2016 Aspirants.

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We would like to thank all the Aspirants, Friends and Family for being patient and supporting us since the inception.     

Our Team


B.Tech, IIT Indore
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B.Tech, IIT Indore


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B.Tech, IIT Indore

Why Kreatryx

Kreatryx is the par-excellent ‘GATE Guru’ that with the help of GATE toppers itself provides you with the best solutions to clear the exam in the simplest ways. We offer extensive approach towards our students so as to cater to the demands of each and every one of them. We focus on providing the best in class simplified strategies that can assure you to clear GATE. Online GATE Prep, Klassroom, Koncept, Krash and many more GATE Courses all aim at motivating the students to take in the methods that are best for them while also teaching them the time management skills. The one-on-one interaction program motivates the students that yes, they can clear the GATE exam with great results. And who knows under the assistance of the GATE Toppers themselves, you also can be the next GATE Topper!

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We consider that everyone has a potential and under the guidance of expert supervision, a student can be motivated to clear the engineering exams beyond excellence. Our motive is to make the students aware about their capabilities and how that can shape their future. Kreatryx is a young and dynamic team of professionals that is passionate about helping aspiring applicants and providing them with an amazing platform to assist them in turning their dreams into reality. 

Our Vision

Kreatryx aims to eradicate the difference between your performance and potential by providing expert guidance and personalized solutions. We focus on providing the best in class simplified strategies that can assure you to clear GATE.